The Chase

The Chase is a songwriting team from London, Canada founded by Adam Fearnall and Tom McIntosh.

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Studio Recordings

by The Chase

The Chase is a Canadian pop/rock duo founded by singer/songwriters Adam Fearnall and Tom McIntosh. After struggling to find creative direction, Fearnall and McIntosh began work on their 2013 release "Breathless" with help from Producer Nathan Piche (formerly of Article One). Piche helped the duo to refine their sound and put together a Nashville based production team of Chris Brush and Dan Shike to give the project a strong base. 

"Breathless" was written over a three year period where both Fearnall and McIntosh pushed their creative limits to a new level of honesty. The album's main themes are love, loss and the fear of letting go. The resulting 5 song [EP] is a reflection of musical and personal growth for both artists. 

Sonically "Breathless" combines the deep layering and pop sensibility of the Nashville music scene and a lyrical exploration of topics familiar to all of us.